Eguzkiz Blai,

A project to irrigate a village.

Eguzkiz blai, the name of the initiative, consists of installing a photovoltaic pump to supply drinking water from a nearby spring to the houses that occupy the upper part of the village and which are currently lacking.

The idea of the project arises from a climbing trip made by Aitzol and Iñaki to the surroundings of Taghia.

At that time, mobility around Europe was restricted due to the pandemic and what at first was a setback became a gift. The muleteer in charge of guiding the donkeys with our material told us that we were therefore the only climbers who had come to the area since the beginning of the epidemic. This was a pleasant surprise, as we had the opportunity to meet Said’s family and to establish a close relationship with them.

They told us that a few years ago the Government of Morocco planned a pump installation to supply the town with water, but after making two tanks and setting up a diesel pump, it never started up. It was at that moment that we saw the possibility of reciprocating such kindness, carrying out a photovoltaic pump installation, since the location of the village met optimal conditions for the use of solar energy, an abundant and free resource.

Two months later, from the Basque Country, during another of our climbing days, we decided to write a message to Mohamed, Said’s son.

“Hello Mohamed, we are considering the possibility of carrying out an act of solidarity with the people of Taghia, always counting on your approval, we would love for you to value the proposal”.

Mohamed, excited, agreed that he would convey our proposal to the inhabitants of Taghia and he would reply to us shortly.

After a year and a half we find ourselves writing this text with the firm intention of carrying out the project with the help, however small, of each one of you.